Saturday, February 13, 2016


This will have to be a year I really organize my collection of comments and maybe if I put it down here I can make it happen!

The closet is overflowing with comics not in their boxes! There's comics that have to be alphabetized and filed away!

Oh, Comic Books I love you and you need my attention and my reading eyes! So how about I get to it and file, read and share share share! YUP!!!!!!

Saturday, February 28, 2015


Hello comic book fans! It's been way too long since I've shared what comics I've been reading! Too long indeed! So here I am, finally, yup! FINALLY!

I picked up this book, THE WRENCHIES sometime last year and finally got around to reading it. (Yes, I have a bad habit of buying and shelving my books or placing them atop a large pile of books just waiting to be read.)

I was reading most of THE WRENCHIES on my morning subway commute and then plowed on through the rest one night after dinner.

It's a story about growing up and knowing there's a post-apocalyptic future ahead and the kid who does the knowing may just be the cause. Told over a few chapters we get introduced to the kids, Sherwood and Orson, who discover a mysterious tunnel and are a trigger to future events. From there we jump to a future overrun by Shadowsmen. Here the world is in shambles, mostly just kids survive and we meet the young Wrenchies who are the best of the best when it comes to fighting the Shadowsmen who still try and add further destruction to the world. It's a sad and tragic future. There's kids who still hope, fight and want to survive.

In a present day realm we meet Hollis, a kid who loves super heroes and longs to be one in midst of an adventure. He goes about as a costumed kid trying to be a hero, trying to be good and standing up to bullies. He's pulled into the WRENCHIES future and things just get more intense for everyone fighting.

It wasn't always a pleasant book to read, but it was enthralling. WRENCHES deals with kids growing up too fast and realizing the world can be ugly and mean. Sherwood is a big focus too as he copes with growing up into a man he hates being.

The story is written and drawn by Farel Dalrymple and this was my first introduction to his work. He's a great artist with a beautiful detailed style. He can capture an ugliness and make it so fascinating and alluring. There's action that fills up every page and I did connect with some of the characters. This is a graphic novel I can't recommend enough. I'm also gonna seek out more Farel books.

Keep reading comic books because COMIC BOOKS KICK ASS! 

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Keep Reading Comics!

Go For The Gold!
I love reading comic books! I miss writing about them! So, here's to more comic book reviews in 2014! Yup!!

I'll share my comic book adventures with trips to conventions, Free Comic Book Day, sharing comics with my nieces, keeping up with my pull list and reading more back issues. Yup! Stay tune for more!

Remember: COMIC BOOKS KICK ASS!!! Yup!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Comikaze, My Nieces Visit Their First Convention!

I love going to conventions! I am a nerd!!! So yeah, I love going to Comic Book conventions. I've been going to conventions of all kind for a long, long, long time now! I go in search of comics, toys, books, wallets, stuff, buttons, movies, panels, swag, papers, cards, artists,...I go to talk to people, to hang out with friends, to browse, wander, find new things, find old things, take pictures, get autographs and all the while lugging a backpack filled to the brim.

My dad and I have been wanting to take my nieces (his grandkids!) to a convention for sometime now. They're old enough to walk on their own, and they are well on their way to nerdy nerdom. They know their DC superheroes (they know MARVEL ones too). They have long heard of my convention going adventures and long to be walking the aisles too! YUP!

Now, it wasn't planned as well as we hoped but this past Sunday my nieces, Celia and Effie, came with me to Comikaze to stroll the aisles for a few hours and it was a super duper blast, indeed!!!

On the way I gave my nieces a little convention rundown, the things you need; backpack, pens, note pad, $, water, snacks, comfy shoes and to be ready to WALK! They were rearin' to go!

We got in pretty quick with badge stuff and made our way inside and bam found a MY LITTLE PONY graphic novel which they got signed by the artist. He even did a sketch of Pinkie Pie!

We walked on some more, in a real zig-zag way instead of up and down each aisle because I just let the girls lead me to whatever caught their eye. We found Peter S. Beagle the author of THE LAST UNICORN. I bought Celia the book which Mr. Beagle signed. I told him how my VHS of the movie doesn't work anymore and he said his didn't either.

Celia and Effie both were drawn to artist booths, lookin' at hand crafted figures, drawings and Disney Vinylmations. We got some buttons, a little drawing. We saw cosplayers and I convinced them to jump in for photos.

Around the autograph aisle we spotted Lynne Marie Stewart (Miss Yvone) and John Paragon (Jambi) and we had to go say HI! The girls got to shake Miss Yvone's hand and Jambi said "Mekka-Lekka-Hi-Mekka-Hiney-Ho" for us. It was pretty awesome!

Sadly Celia couldn't stay as too long at the convention, she had to go to Orchestra. But Effie and I got to wander around some more! We were searching for more POP figures (we had already bought a few) and I found a POP Superman Wallet! With Effie we did our best to stay on the aisle way and weave up and down in order. I ran into a few familiar faces and that was fun too!

We found the ECTO-1, KITT, some Disney Princesses and a dancing SPIDER-MAN. Effie and I talked to Richard Steven Horvitz (INVADER ZIM) and even spotted Invader Zim creator Jhonen Vasquez just sittin' and chillin' at a booth. After a while we took a break and parked it to read Effie's MY LITTLE PONY BOOK.

And of course we stayed inside until we got the announcement that the hall was closed. We skipped our way around to just look a bit more as people began packing up. I just wish Celia could have been there with us and my dad too, as we're all just big nerds!

I can't wait to take them to more cons! Yup! Nerds have all the fun!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Comic Con 2013 Photos!

Sharing a few hotos of my Comic Con adventure in 2013! It was a blast!!! I bought enough comics to fill a LONG BOX! Yup!! A great weekend and I can't wait to do it again! YUP! Remember: COMIC BOOKS KICK ASS!!!!

Driving to Comic Con, following others going to same way!
Flyers ready to share with the Comic Con crowds!

My dad and I ready to go! 


Patrick Warburton! 

Matt & Cat Have Back Issues!

Saying Good Bye Comic Con!

Thursday, May 23, 2013


The first Saturday of May is one of my favorite days of the year! Yup! FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!!!

This year I went on a FREE COMIC BOOK DAY adventure with my guy Dave, my nieces Celia and Effie and my comic book/ podcast pal Matt. The five of us went to five comic book stores across Los Angeles and had a ton of fun.
Effie, Celia and Cat!
Yup! The day started with a visit to GOLDEN APPLE on Melrose. We lined up at 10am as the store opened. We waited in line quite a while but got comics, Jarritos sodas and free soft serve ice cream. We got autographed UGLY DOLL comics and met a super WONDER WOMAN. Only one of us got the Iron Man HEROCLIX! Those guys went fast! GOLDEN APPLE has always done a great job on FCBD and this year did not disappoint! About an hour after we left the GOLDEN APPLE some craziness occurred! Check THIS OUT!!!

Gettin' comics and Jarritos!
Thanks ICEMAN for the soft serve! 

That's good soft serve!

Then off to a quick stop at MELTDOWN on Sunset Blvd. Meltdown was the bigger disappointment of the day. But comics were snagged for all!

Then into the valley we all drove to make our way to the groovy EARTH-2 on Ventura Blvd. It is one of my favorite shops but not one I get to that often. There was a line of people getting comics, the store was packed. This was the place my nieces and I splurged on comics. I got my weekly comics and found more goodies. Yeah, it's hard to resist comics, new, old and free!

Gerard Duggan was coming!
After a lunch break the comic book search continued and we settled in at BLASTOFF COMICS in North Hollywood. There was a great 50% off trade sale going on. The store is very sleek and caters to collectors. It's a super cool spot. My nieces and I found some graphic novels before we left!

Gimmie Gimmie!

More Sketching going on!
And then the last but never least shop on our tour was HOUSE OF SECRETS in Burbank. This is the store I visit most, just after GOLDEN APPLE. The place was pretty busy and the staff looked beat. It had been a long FREE COMIC BOOK DAY for everyone. I couldn't resist the cute please of my nieces and we found some HEROCLIXS and more kid comics. 

And that concludes the FCBD 2013 adventure. As my nieces and I say, we wish everyday was FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! YUP!!